What does it mean living today on a moving border?

Frontier, Memory, Landscape: the book



On moving border is a project realized in a windy area crossing Italy, Slovenia and Croatia. For historical reason, this area is known as “moving border”, or “shifting boundary”.

The area is made up of particularisms with a complex plurilingualism system, but in spite of the individual components, it has always presented a specific cultural identity, as result of historical ties of social and economic interdependence that had connected its parts despite the diversity.

The project explores what it means living today in this condition. In a situation that now appears again compromised and far from resolved.


The complexity of this particular situation has determined the structure of the project: it is an ongoing project, structured in chapters.

This web space collects the flow of research through this reality. But the project has been designed for chapters, in order to be able to deepen the various issues by exploring these territories and meeting those who live there.

Book 1


The work starts with first chapter Lasciapassare.

Four themes are cross each other:

  • The frontier as mutual place of view towards the other
  • The personal memory as limit and leap to build a future
  • The landscape don’t have boundary, but here you live divided into three states in less than 30 km
  • Why was this document born?

This chapter investigates these topics with about forty images of evocative language related with some texts and captions.

The Lasciapassare was a special permit for passing of small border crossing points between Italy and ex-Yugoslavia, that survived until 2007 when Slovenia was entered in Shengen area. [Below, the frontispiece of my document written in three languages, valid until 2007.]

But “Lascia passare” in italian languages means “let go”. Let go the past, the difficulties, the people, and go on. The landscape don’t have boundaries, but the people live the struggle for belonging in a political scene in constant motion.


From this first chapter it was made exhibitions, talks and the  first book in italian language.

The book

Explain the project

The book was originally presented as dummy in sixty copies at the solo show “Lasciapassare”.  Shortly, the first print of this chapter will be available.

Until copies run out, the books are on sale for:
22 € + shipping costs

Now, only in Italian
92 pages, 50 images
printed on 160gr paper
soft-cover book on 300gr paper
size: 148,5 mm x 210 mm

Order your copy!





About me

This short interview for the Slovenian TV Koper-Capodistria, explains my approach to photography and this project.

The project explores what living on “moving borders” means at the present time: the struggle of belonging to a political scene in constant motion, despite the diversity and the political pressures.

I’m sorry that in this moment the video is only available in Italian language.

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