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Elisa Biagi Photography

In my research I explore the basic elements of the culture in which I live, the family and interpersonal relationships, the substance and the glues of life in different social contexts. In my work I use two main elements: evocative language and space. The use of an evocative language is both a natural inclination and a specific choice, driven from the extreme respect for my subjects. I believe that the ends do not justify the means, and I choose to respect the relationship of trust that I have establish with the subjects, the places and the stories represented in my images. The space is often a subject. It is the place that makes possible the flow of life and it is the stage on which all become possible: human relationships, work, private and social rites.

These elements, combined with my intention to understand the experiences of others and the reasons for their actions led me to develop an expressive approach of qualitative phenomenological type (A method borrowed from anthropological research.)

I chose this slow system of investigation because it focuses on the uniqueness of each situation and not on its generalization. Exploring the details allows me to dig deeper and deeper, and to question even the most entrenched stereotypes.

This personal research method has always been across-the-board of diverse disciplines to which I have applied myself, starting from the architecture studies to the working experience in new media. To hone my expertises in these fields, I have attended seminars within the Gestalt school on healthy communication and counseling. With the commitment to put my skills at the service of social value projects, I promoted and personally managed an artistic photographic project in the field of mental health and human rights, immigration and citizenship rights, and gender violence.

My love for knowledge often brings me to face different experiences in my photography. In the role of photo editor, I apply an effective editorial line by explicitly avoiding the use of stereotypes, which are infused of stock images.

To look at my other works, please contact me.

I will send you a link to access my private section.

Email: elisa.biagi@gmail.com

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